Please come visit us at Axponia 2014
Westin O'Hara, Chicago
April 25 to 27
Room 324
We will have a few new surprises there

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First Watt

We are a dealer for these special amplifiers designed for high efficiency speakers. Call or write for information and pricing.

First Watt B5 Crossovers Now Available

New B4 Crossover Available Shortly

Better and Price Reduced! Get on the waiting list now!

Nelson Pass designed electronic crossovers. These have a number of switches that allow different frequencies and slopes to be dialed in to optimize your system.

No soldering, no long waiting time. Just plug it in and enjoy. In stock, ready to ship.

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Lowther Maintenance Instructions Available

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Medallion Plans on site

The Medallion plans have been considered proprietary, until now. Jennifer Crock, who designed the Medallion Cabinets, has given me permission to place the plans on my site for downloading.

A customer, Mr. Cobham, was kind enough to draw up the plans so they could be distributed.

Any commercial use of this product should still be licensed by Jennifer through Jena Labs. Non-commericial use is free.

Medallion Plans

Axpona 2013 was in Chicago. It was nice to visit with a number of you.

Looks like we impressed everyone.

Positive Feedback

From Stereophile

From The Absolute Sound


Special Burning Amp Speaker Sale

Nelson Pass exhibited an open baffle speaker at Burning Amp that is earning rave reviews. It consisted of a Lowther PM6A on an open baffle, and an Eminence Definimax 4015LF bass driver in a slot loaded configuration.

Until the end of the year, or when stock runs out, you can buy the B5 crossover required for this system, and a Ticonal PM6A with 15 ohm silver voice coil at a special price. List price for these is $3,100.

Sale price is $2,500 for both the Ticonal drivers and the B5.

Upgrade to the Ticonal PM7A driver with 15 ohm silver voice coils for an additional $500. The 7A is a 6A with Permendur (cobalt steel) added for extra warmth and speed. A personal favorite.