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Nelson Pass Designed Open Baffle Speaker systems

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First Watt

We are a dealer for these special amplifiers designed for high efficiency speakers. Call or write for information and pricing.

First Watt B5 Crossovers for open baffle speakers
Now Available !

New and improved B4 Crossover Now Available

At this price, every dedicated speaker builder needs one!

Nelson Pass designed electronic crossovers. These have a number of switches that allow different frequencies and slopes to be dialed in to optimize your system.

No soldering, no long waiting time. Just plug it in and enjoy. In stock, ready to ship.

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Lowther Maintenance Instructions Available

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Medallion Plans on site

The Medallion plans have been considered proprietary, until now. Jennifer Crock, who designed the Medallion Cabinets, has given me permission to place the plans on my site for downloading.

A customer, Mr. Cobham, was kind enough to draw up the plans so they could be distributed.

Any commercial use of this product should still be licensed by Jennifer through Jena Labs. Non-commericial use is free.

Medallion Plans


A new open baffle speaker from Nelson Pass! Slot loaded woofer, and a Lowther driver mounted on an open baffle.

A startling open sounding speaker with a huge soundstage. These are very efficient and perfect for your smaller amplifiers.