Meant for our customers who have smaller living spaces, but still want a high efficiency, full range driver.  Unlike almost any other speaker design, these do not require high volume to come to life.  They sound fast and articulate at any volume from very low to moderately loud. 
A traditional back loaded horn, but much smaller than the Medallion, 8-1/2" wide, 14-1/2" deep and 39 " high (measurements exclude the base)
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Enjoy The Music Review

Extreme detail and delicacy.  Great soundstage presentation.  About 45 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 5 db, these are very flat, neutral speakers. Efficiency is about 94 dB.  All drivers are 8 ohm.

Note that all of these reviews were done using the DX55 driver. Since then the DX65 has been introduced. The DX65 has a larger magnet, but the same cone, as the DX55. As a result, it is more efficient (96 dB/watt), faster and more detailed driver. But the biggest difference (to my ears) are the increased dynamics. These have the natural flow of real music, in a very small package. Tons of fun, and highly recommend.

The cabinet design was done with the late Terry Cain, who built these cabinets. Only a few pair remain, and they are on sale. Get them while you can.